Internet Shopping :: High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms Part Two



Top Left: I stared at that box for two days. Couldn’t open it. Too scared. Zappos has a 365 day return policy. Thought about just waiting until next year to see if I got in to High-Waist Bikini Bottom University, but then my impatience got the best of me.

Top Right: Oh gosh, look at this huge box for this tiny bag. Stared at this for 365 seconds. Walked away. Made coffee. Came back…

Bottom Left: Ok… It’s opened. Looks like it could be cute. I laughed when I saw the “Guess” tag. Guess? Guess if this is going to be a disaster? Guess if you are going to call Hilda and break off your pen-pal-ship [which I guess I would write her a letter if I was breaking off a pen-pal-ship]. Guess if boys are going to think I look like a mom from 1953?

Bottom Right: Oh that’s a bottom all right. [See what I did there? Didn't even plan it]. I’m still trying to figure out if I got into High-Waisted University. I just re-read that and laughed out loud because every university is high and wasted. I think I got in… It might be one of those situations where administration is like, we don’t know if you’re in in yet… but if you want to come sit in a class and see how you do, you’re welcome to…

I don’t look like the model – her thighs didn’t touch – but that just means I’m closer to being a mermaid.

I’m keeping ‘em. Their official debut will be in Costa Rica next month.

K . x

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